Frequently Asked Questions

I am interested in a position that I do not see listed. How can I apply?
You may apply for any position not listed on our website by filling out the application form here.

I am interested in being considered for a position at Harrington Hospital. How can I apply?
You may apply online by visiting our Employment Opportunities page. It is preferred all applicants apply online.

I don't have a computer, how can I apply?
You may fax a resume and/or application to the Human Resources Department at (508) 764-2486; or apply in person or mail resume to:

Human Resources Department
Harrington Hospital
100 South Street
Southbridge, MA 01550

However, it is preferred that all applications and resumes are sent via our website's online application system. Physicians are encouraged to contact Tom Trask at 508-764-2424.

If I am visiting one campus, can I apply for another position at one of Harrington's other campuses?
Yes. Your application will be directed to the Southbridge Campus Human Resources Department for further distribution to the proper department or division.

If I applied for one position and I see another that I am qualified for, should I reapply?
Yes, you should apply for all positions that you are qualified for. There is no limit to the number of applications you may submit.

I applied online, how do I know you received my application?
If you applied online you should have received two messages. One message on the screen after submitting the application and another to the e-mail account listed on the application.

I applied in person, by fax or by postal mail; how do I know you received my application?
Upon receipt a postcard will be mailed to the mailing address listed on your application verifying its receipt.

I have applied, who will I hear from if being considered for an open position and when?
Your application upon receipt has been forwarded to the department for which you have applied. If interested, they will contact you to set up an interview within a 2-4 week timeframe.

I am interested in applying for a position that is not currently listed on the listing. May I still apply?
Yes, your application will be held in a pending file for up to six months. You should continually check the website for new open positions and continue to apply.

What positions are posted online?
All positions, whether full or part time or per diem are posted online. (Not all per diem positions are posted)

What is per diem?
Per diem employees are hired on a "as needed basis". There are no set hours per week for anyone who works per diem. Hours worked may range from 0 hours per week to 40 based on the needs of the department. Benefits are not available to per diem employees.

How often is the website updated?
Job listings on the website are updated every Friday. Please check back frequently for new opportunities.

How long are applications kept on file?
Applications are kept on file for six months within the department for the position you have applied.