Webster Capital Campaign

For more than 80 years, Hubbard has met the needs of Webster and its surrounding communities. To be able to continue to meet those needs, through 2019 and 2029, the aging Emergency Room needs a substantial overhaul, not only in terms of the physical plant, but in terms of new, more modern equipment.

Strengthening Our Future: Emergency Room Fundraising


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Harrington HealthCare’s vision for the future of our Webster campus is one that rebuilds this out-of-date Emergency Room while preparing South Central Massachusetts’ oldest medical facility for future growth. Our vision is grounded in our mission to provide Total Local Care – TLC – to the residents and communities of South Central Massachusetts and Northeastern Connecticut.

The Emergency Department at Webster handles 12,000 visits per year and offers quality care to its patients. This facility that is called upon to handle so many patients was built in 1955. It is outdated in many ways, from the size of the patient rooms to the traffic patterns and accessibility to the equipment used to help save lives. The rooms also lack privacy and are not as large as is required by today’s standards. The Emergency Department also is not large enough to handle the expected increase in traffic to 15,000 visits annually within the next three years.


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