Bob LaFleche

Cancer Care

"Treated like Family"

Bob Lafleche, Southbridge*

*In Memory of Mr. Lafleche

The Sturbridge resident receives both radiation and chemotherapy treatment at The Cancer Center at Harrington, and he wouldn't consider going anywhere else.

"People are very caring here," he said. "I've been welcomed with open arms. They've been very, very compassionate, including the volunteers. It's a family atmosphere here."

Lafleche is also happy that he doesn't have to drive long distances to get his care.

The Cancer Center at Harrington is about a five-minute drive from his home in Sturbridge, so he is able to get there by himself.

What if he were referred to a larger facility farther away?

"I don't know if I'd go to Worcester," he said. "Having to jump onto Route 290 to get into the city - it's not that close to me."

Lafleche, who is under the care of Dr. Shakeeb Yunus for his infusion treatments and Dr. T.J. FitzGerald for radiation therapy, considers himself lucky on two counts.

First, his treatments have not slowed him down substantially. He hasn't lost weight and doesn't feel sick afterwards. The only difference he notices is that sometimes he's slightly tired after receiving treatments.

He also considers himself lucky to have a cancer treatment center where he can find answers, no matter what time he has questions. "If I have a question, I get on the phone any time of the day or night, and there are people here," Lafleche said. "They gave me phone numbers, pamphlets, next procedures, so my treatment is not a mystery."

That's just the kind of service and support he'd expect from a facility that prides itself not only on its state-of-the-art equipment, but its welcoming, friendly atmosphere.