Patient Testimonials

"I have had my mammograms at UMass and Reliant ... I feel I am well cared for here at Harrington. The service is much more personable and the quality is excellent. I would not go anywhere else. I am here to stay at Harrington!"

"We enjoyed our experience at Harrington, mostly because your staff of nurses are so passionate about what they do and truly care about each patient."

"I have highly recommended the Webster Emergency Department to many of my friends and they have shown great interest in using this service if needed."

"I've been in and out of the hospital and I've got to tell you ... it's just amazing. I feel like a VIP every time I come in there. You should know that people at all levels in the (HealthCare System) are doing a fabulous job."



"I'm in the service business, so I know good service."

 Mike Moran 





  "Every nurse has the same last name - Angel."

       Larry Morrison

    "Everyone, the nurses, the patient care assistant, gave 
     me the clear impression that all they had to do was 
     take care of me,"  



  "This Really Does Feel Like Home"

       Lisa Rei

    Lisa Rei was dumb-struck when she was diagnosed with breast 
    cancer. “I was 39,” she recalled. “I was not expecting this.”




 "The Best Care Anywhere"

    Tom Coty, Dudley

   In February 2012, Tom, a 47-year-old facilities director at a YMCA, 
   was feeling pressure in his forehead. He thought it was a sinus 



  Digital Mammography

  "I’ve been telling all my friends, you really should go!"

    Beverly Robert, Webster

   "I like what they’ve done here in Webster," she said. "I think they’re
    treating women with respect."





  A Poem to the Staff at the
  Cancer Center at Harrington

    Bob LaFlower, East Brookfield





  "Very Fortunate" to have Webster Campus

    Cheri MacKinney and Jim Winslow, Webster

   When Cheri cut her face deeply in two places after walking into
   a plank on the back of a parked truck, she went to the 
   Emergency Care Center at Harrington HealthCare at Hubbard. 




  "I've been welcomed with open arms."  

     In Memoery of Bob Lafleche, Southbridge*

    The Sturbridge resident received both radiation and 
   chemotherapy treatment at
    The Cancer Center at Harrington, and he wouldn't
    consider going anywhere else.





  "It's wonderful to know that such good care
   is available so close to home."

     Stephanie Sterritt, Oxford


Oxford resident Stephanie Sterritt was accustomed to driving to Worcester, some 25 minutes away, when 6-year-old daughter Abigail MacKay needed pediatric care. But when Abigail recently ruptured an ear drum, she was  anxious and hoped to get immediate medical attention.



  "Every surgery you perform is a miracle!"

     MJ Parquet, Webster

    With every last page of every book I read you and your
    staff will be in my gratitude!