Harrington HealthCare at Hubbard

340 Thompson Road

In May 2009, the Harrington HealthCare System took interest in maintaining quality healthcare services in the Webster, Massachusetts area. A former hospital on the 340 Thompson Road site became Harrington HealthCare at Hubbard - an expansive outpatient facility with 24/7 emergency services.

Harrington HealthCare at Hubbard offers a wide variety of medical services to the surrounding community - all without making our patients drive long distances. The Webster campus offers a fully accredited Laboratory for blood draws and similar services. The campus features a STAT lab for urgent test results, utilizes the Harrington Phone & Go system for added convenience, and is open 24/7 for emergencies.

The campus also features an advanced diagnostic imaging department, including CT Scan, digital mammography, X-Ray, ultrasound and bone densitometry. Radiology scans and films are read by Harvard Medical Faculty Physicians from Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

The Webster campus Emergency Department is staffed by dedicated physicians and nurses to provide safe, attentive medical attention. The Webster ED, along with the Southbridge campus ED, is a designated Primary Stroke Service facility.

Webster's campus offers primary care and specialty physicians; a private central registration area for patient confidentiality; cardiopulmonary services, including EKGs, nuclear medicine, stress tests; same-day gastrointestinal services, including colonoscopies and endoscopies; and a two-room surgical center offering orthopedic, obstetric, general and ophthalmology procedures.

Harrington HealthCare at Hubbard also offers comprehensive physical therapy, occupational therapy and rehabilitation, conveniently located just minutes from the main campus at 72 Cudworth Road.