November 22, 2010

Harrington Hospital Educates Community about Great American Smokeout

SOUTHBRIDGE, Mass., November 22, 2010- Harrington HealthCare helped educate its staff and the community about Tobacco Cessation by participating in the Great American Smokeout, a national celebration held November 18.

The hospital had a resource table in the main lobby during the day, featuring handouts from the American Cancer Society. An educator from Harrington's Education Department was also on hand to address any questions and assist with resources.

"For the benefits of our patients, family members and staff, use of tobacco on the grounds of Harrington HealthCare System and all satellite buildings is not an option," said Linda Hart, Director of Education. "This applies to all employees, patients, visitors and physicians. We are proud to be a smoke free campus since September 2008."

Harrington not only serves as a cessation resource center for the public, but many of its staff members can provide first-hand experience on their success in kicking the habit.

Kathy Chahanovich, Nurse Manager at Harrington Hospital, smoked for more than 30 years.

"Really, since I was in high school," Kathy said, who has been tobacco-free now for four years. "I decided to quit because I became a grandmother, but the money alone was an incentive. I had quite a bit of support as most of the other supervisors in the office also quit around the same time as I did, so we were there for each other."

Kathy said she has enjoyed the benefits of being smoke-free.
"My sense of smell has drastically improved since I stopped smoking and I definitely don't miss having to go outside in the cold, rain or what have you to have a cigarette anymore," she said.
Harrington HealthCare System offers a smoking cessation program through G.B. Wells Substance Abuse Services. For more information please call 508-765-9167.