January 15, 2014

Harrington Wins $491,600 Grant for Behavioral Health, Information Technology

SOUTHBRIDGE, Mass., January 15, 2014 -- Harrington HealthCare System has been awarded a $491,600 grant from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to help improve systems in its Behavioral Health Services as well as assist in connecting providers to the state's new electronic health information exchange.

The grant has three components. It will:

-- Fund the redesign and reconstruction of the Electronic Medical Records system in Harrington's Behavioral Health Services;

-- Develop a plan to better integrate Behavioral Health and the Primary Care offices that are connected to Harrington HealthCare System; and

-- Provide technical and operational assistance to providers within Harrington's service area who are interested in connecting to the state's health information exchange.

The Massachusetts Health Information Highway (The HI-Way) will further advance the Commonwealth's goal to electronically connect all of its health care community.

"We are very honored to be chosen, in a very competitive process, to lead the way in connecting Harrington HealthCare System and other providers in our service area to the state's Health Information Exchange, or HI-Way," said Edward H. Moore, President and CEO of Harrington HealthCare System. "This grant will allow more effective, timely and accurate communication of medical records and other vital information among healthcare providers in the state, which in turn will result in improved patient outcomes and increased patient safety."

The grant was awarded to Harrington through a Community Hospital Acceleration, Revitalization & Transformation Investments, or CHART, grant.