July 30, 2010

Health Care Finance and Policy Commissioner   Visits Harrington Hospital

SOUTHBRIDGE, Mass., July 30, 2010 - Harrington Hospital welcomed David Morales, Commissioner of the Massachusetts Division of Health Care Finance and Policy, to its Southbridge campus Thursday, July 29.

The Commissioner was joined by Steven McCabe, Assistant Commissioner of Health Care Finance, Government Relations Group Lobbyist Joe Giannino, and several legislative aides.

"We're very pleased Commissioner Morales and the current administration understands the importance a growing community healthcare organization plays in the lives of those in the surrounding communities," Moore said. "We're also very pleased that we had the chance to talk to him about our success in bringing healthcare closer to the residents of this region, through our community outreach and opening of medical office buildings in the Harrington service area."

Commissioner Morales spent two hours with members of Harrington's senior administration, discussing healthcare industry trends in Massachusetts and the future role of hospitals. He also expressed interest in the continuing plans Harrington has to modernize and expand its services, physician roster and collaborative healthcare partnerships.

Among other things, Moore discussed the success of Harrington Physician Services, as well as the desire to see upgrades in the Emergency Care Department on the Webster campus.

Harrington HealthCare at Hubbard's ER is a facility overdue for upgrades. Representative Paul Kujawski and Senator Richard Moore have shown continual support of the Webster campus in year's past and during the Harrington transition, helping to ensure the facility was open and available to the local community.

Morales reacted positively to the changes Harrington has made over the past several years, noting its advances in equipment and patient care was a model for other community hospitals.

"You guys are thinking ahead," he said. "You have great position here."

The group was also given a brief tour of the campus, including the new Cancer Center, renovated inpatient units and the Women's Center.