July 1, 2013

Legislature Passes Budget With $1.5 Million for Webster ED

WEBSTER, Mass., July 1, 2013 - The Massachusetts Legislature today approved a fiscal year 2014 state budget that includes a $1.5 million provision to help rebuild the Emergency Department at Harrington HealthCare at Hubbard, at 340 Thompson Road in Webster.

The Emergency Department at the facility, formerly known as Hubbard Regional Hospital, is the focal point of healthcare to the residents of Webster, Dudley, Oxford and surrounding communities, but it has not had a major renovation since it was built in 1955.

Harrington has raised $1.4 million toward the estimated cost of $8.8 million to rebuild the Emergency Department. Thanks to a matching gift from an anonymous donor, that figure is doubled, bringing the total to $2.8 million.

Harrington HealthCare System President and CEO Edward H. Moore said that Harrington is very thankful to State Senator Richard T. Moore, who led the effort to include the $1.5 million in the budget and who gained the support of his fellow legislators.

"We cannot thank State Senator Richard Moore enough for his efforts to ensure the future of emergency healthcare in the region," Edward Moore said. "Senator Moore has been a champion of healthcare, not only in our region, but throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The residents of this area are blessed to have a senator with years of experience, with the trust and respect of fellow legislators, and who is constantly working to benefit the people of his district."

Said Senator Moore, "Gaining this significant grant for modernizing the Emergency Room at Harrington's Hubbard campus will save lives and guarantee 21st century emergency care for people living in, working in, or travelling through the Webster, Dudley, Oxford, and Douglas areas when they, or their loved ones, most need it."

Harrington's Moore also praised State Senator Stephen M. Brewer, who as Ways and Means Committee Chairman collaborated with Senator Moore to accomplish this goal. Ed Moore added that Harrington is also grateful for State Representative Harold P. Naughton Jr., who worked to gain approval in the House of Representatives.

The budget now goes to the governor for consideration. Gov. Deval Patrick has 10 days to review the budget.

Ed Moore said that the $1.5 million grant, if approved, would be doubled by the anonymous donor. That would bring the total amount raised for the project to $5.8 million. That could lead to the launch of construction this fall.

"We are so grateful for all the help we have received from the state Legislature," he said. "We are now at the point where we can go to the state Department of Public Health for approval for this project and break ground this fall.

"Our campaign is not over," he said. "We still need the public's support, and the Strengthening Our Future campaign for the reconstruction of the Emergency Department continues. But today's action by the state brings our new Emergency Department closer to reality."