Cardiac Rehabilitation

Patients are encouraged to play an active role in their care by recognizing the importance of changes in lifestyle, nutrition, and fitness. While this is helpful to all patients, those who have suffered a cardiac event receive the added benefit of joining Harrington Cardiac Rehabilitation. Here, patients participate in specialized exercise, strength-training, counseling, and education sessions with the goal of returning to better health. We begin with the diagnosis of heart disease and extend beyond the recovery phase.

What our program includes:

• Assisting individuals to identify and modify their risk factors, increase their physical activity and return to an active and satisfying lifestyle;
• A team approach to your care, involving doctors, cardiologists, nurses, physical and occupational therapist, social workers and dieticians;
• Three Phases of Cardiac Rehabilitation Care, including inpatient and outpatient services.

How can I begin my Cardiac Rehabilitation?
Talk to your doctor or call us at 508-765-2295. During your participation, your doctor will remain in charge of your overall care.

What about insurances?
Every insurance policy is different. Our staff can help you determine your benefits.

Do you see patients at other locations?
Yes! Our staff can see patients at our medical office buildings at 340 Thompson Road, Webster, and 10 North Main Street, Charlton.*
*Not all services available in all locations.

For more information, please call 508-765-2295.

Cardiac Support Groups

We are proud to offer FREE Cardiac Support Groups once a month for anyone who has had heart disease, heart surgery or any other heart condition or medical attention - or someone who just needs motivation on lifestyle changes and adaptations. We often have guest speakers and light refreshments. For more information, call 765-2295 to confirm meeting dates.