Designated Stroke Center


In 2013, our Southbridge and Webster staff won a SCORE (Stroke Collaborative Reaching for Excellence) Award. This award was given to us as part of a stroke registry and quality improvement initiative implemented as a partnership among the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, the national Centers for Disease Control Paul Coverdell National Acute Stroke Registry, and the American Heart/Stroke Association's Get with the Guidelines Stroke Program. The award is given to healthcare organizations providing defect-free care to more than 80 percent of stroke patients for a set period.

Harrington's Webster and Southbridge Emergency Care Centers are also Primary Stroke Service Centers, as designated by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.

Our nurses and doctors work in collaboration with the UMass Memorial Medical Center Department of Neurology TeleStroke Program, designed to provide 24/7 on-demand emergency neurology consultation to subscriber hospitals in order to improve the care of stroke patients in the community.

The program utilizes two-way audio-visual teleconferencing technology to allow the assessment and treatment of in-patients or patients who arrive in our Emergency Rooms with suspected stroke symptoms.

During the video consult, the UMass neurological stroke specialists can see and hear everything at the patient's bedside, allowing for direct communication with Harrington physicians to evaluate the patient's condition and provide a collaborative approach to appropriate treatment. The rapid identification and treatment of patients who exhibit signs and symptoms of stroke is critical.