Emergency Care Center

We will all likely require immediate medical attention at some point, and we’re all familiar with frustrating, very long wait times in emergency rooms. Here at Harrington’s Emergency Care Center (ECC), we’re changing that experience by providing seamless, around-the-clock, compassionate service from our experienced physicians and nurses, many of whom personally know the patients they treat.

Thanks to our advanced technology, you can expect a reasonable wait time before being seen in one of our large private rooms:

  • MedHost, an electronic medical record and tracking system that is even more advanced than systems used at most major medical centers, allows us to serve you more efficiently. MedHost provides real-time access to patient records and test results, putting you at ease by delivering results quickly.
  • We also offer expert, real-time reading of your scans through our collaboration with distinguished radiologists with Harvard Medical Faculty Physicians at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

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