Foot Care at Home

1. Wash your feet at night with a mild soap and lukewarm (never hot) water. If you have a wound on your foot, avoid getting soap on it. Rinse your feet thoroughly and gently dry them, especially between your toes.

2. If ok with your doctor, sprinkle a mild anti-fungus powder, like Desenex, between your toes. Apply a cream like Eucerin or lanolin to the rest of your foot, particularly the heels, avoiding any open wound. Do not put cream between your toes.

3. Keep your feet warm. Use woolen socks or wool-lined shoes in the winter and cotton socks in the summer. Men should avoid all black nylon socks. Women can wear nylons if they are the type that allow your skin to breathe. Put on clean socks every day and make sure they are not too tight in the toes.

4. Wear shoes that fit They should not have pointed toes. Wear shoes or slippers around the house to protect your feet from injury. If your feet perspire excessively, change shoes often in order to be certain that they will be dry when you put them on again.

5. Cut your toenails in a very good light. If you have trouble seeing or are diabetic, have a Podiatrist cut your toenails for you. If you DO cut your own nails, cut them straight across and even with your toe tips, but not too close to the skin. File any sharp edges with an emery board. Do not cut down the corners of the nail or around the cuticle.

6. Never apply concentrated heat like hot soaks, hot water bottles, electric heating pads, or heat lamps, to your legs or feet.

7. Never trim corns or calluses or use corn plaster remedies. Consult a podiatrist for these problems.

8. Never use strong antiseptic solutions on your feet. If you have a cut on your foot, wash with an antiseptic soap like Dial.

9. Never use adhesive tape on your feet.

10. Call the The Wound Care Center at Harrington, 508-248-6780, if you have any foot problems.


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