Seniors require special care. Our physicians at Harrington Hospital have specialized training enabling them to address seniors' specific needs. Often, we serve as the primary care physician for older adults, coordinating care with other healthcare providers. Always, we strive to combine personalized care and clinical excellence.

Our physicians are here to prevent, diagnose, treat, and manage diseases and disabilities in older adults. We promote your quality of life while being sensitive to a variety of complex issues that factor into the aging process, such as managing multiple medications. We also work with you and your family and pay close attention to additional areas of concern, including falls, incontinence, renal failure, sensory impairment, dementia, delirium, and other cognitive changes that may occur as you age.

In addition, we provide preoperative assessments, post-operative attention, rehabilitation, and management of patients in long-term-care settings, as needed. If necessary, we are also available to assist you and your family with ethical, legal, and economic considerations.