Inpatient Hospitalist Program

To ensure coordinated medical attention from multiple healthcare professionals, Harrington features a Hospitalist Program for our inpatient care. These physicians, Board Certified in Internal Medicine, serve as your main point persons during your hospital stay. They provide dedicated care 24/7 when your primary care physician (PCP) chooses to participate in the program or you don’t have a physician with hospital privileges.

Hospitalists at Harrington—including a Medical Director and team of full-time, on-site healthcare professionals—discuss treatment options, answer questions from patients and families, monitor test results, and quickly respond to any changes in the patient’s condition. They also strive to provide seamless communication with your PCP and other specialists. Upon discharge, your PCP will provide any necessary follow-up. If you don’t have a PCP, we can help assign one to you for post-discharge care.

Hospitalists are actually part of a growing national trend that presents a win-win situation for you and your PCP. You receive the care you deserve at the hospital to help you toward a smooth and speedy recovery, and your PCP is able to be more available to you as an outpatient.