Harrington's 14-bed inpatient Psychiatry Unit provides expert diagnosis and treatment, with a team of experienced and compassionate psychiatrists, a Medical Director, nurse practitioner, social workers, nurses, and mental health workers. We also work closely with Emergency Service Providers at our Harrington and Webster Emergency Care Centers, ensuring that patients receive immediate medical and psychiatric attention.

We offer a wide range of specialized in-patient services for adults in crisis. Using the latest therapies, we provide a customized treatment approach to manage the needs of each patient.

After stabilizing patients (typically through a five-to-seven-day hospital stay), we work closely with the patient's family to design a comprehensive after-care treatment plan, helping transition the patient back into to the community. The treatment plan may include outpatient therapy and various outpatient treatment programs. The goal of treatment is help the patient re-enter the community and live a productive life

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