Your HBOT Appointment

What to Expect

It is our goal at the Wound Care Center at Harrington to make your visit as comfortable and worry-free as possible. We are pleased to offer you the following information which we think you will find helpful upon your first HBO Therapy appointment.

Arrival Time
For your first treatment we request that you are here approx 30 min prior to your scheduled time so that the technician can go over some rules and practices that need to be done for successful treatment. Also prior to your treatment you will be examined by a physician trained in hyperbarics and wound care. Any questions that may arise can be answered for you by our trained and professional staff of physicians, nurses and technicians.

What to Bring and What Should Be Left at Home
You. That is most important item that needs to come for treatment! Things that you can bring with you are such entertainment items as DVDs and CDs with music or a book. There are no personal electronic items (cell phones, iPods, or MP3 players) or reading materials allowed inside the chamber. When you are going through your "orientation" for hyperbarics you will be given a list of approved and prohibited items.

You should be taking your regularly prescribed medications unless told not to by you PCP. Certain medications, if taken, can rule you out of hyperbarics. This is all covered in your orientation with our physician and nurses prior to hyperbaric oxygen therapy. If, while in treatment, your medications change let any member of our staff know.

No food is allowed in the chambers during treatment. Water is provided and allowed in the chambers during treatment. If you are a diabetic, please continue with your normal diet and medications. Your blood sugar will be monitored before and after each treatment.

Harrington Healthcare at Charlton is a smoke free facility. Smoking does not aid in your treatment. Smoking constricts blood vessels; we are attempting to increase your blood flow to your wound to aid in its healing. If you can quit this is the ideal time, if you cannot quit reducing the amount you smoke is recommended. You are a vital part of this care plan so every decision you make aids in your recovery.

If You Become Ill
If you are ill, let our staff know before treatments. Such conditions as cough or cold, flu, sore throat, chills, nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea maybe cause your treatment to be cut short. If you cannot come to a treatment because of illness please call 508-248-8132 to let us know.