Audiology and Hearing Center

Hearing loss can be a problem for people at any age, but it needn’t affect your quality of life. Many hearing problems can be treated medically or surgically, while permanent hearing loss can be treated with hearing aids 95% of the time.

At Harrington, our audiologist provides comprehensive, personalized audiology services to patients of all ages. We arededicated to improving the quality of life for the hearing impaired. Our hearing evaluation includes an audiological assessment to determine the underlying cause and severity of the hearing loss. If a medical condition is the cause of the hearing loss, we will make appropriate referrals. If hearing aids or assistive devices are the recommended treatment for the hearing loss, our audiologist will provide expert hearing aid selection and fitting of the devices.

See the New Way to Hear

Technology has advanced greatly over the last few years. Advances in hearing aid devices, technology integration, aesthetics and medical benefits are simply incredible. We encouarge you to visit us and tour the Audiology and Hearing Demonstration Room for a first hand look at our equipment -- just call 508-434-1444. Our Audiology Department offers state-of-the-art technology that will wirelessly stream TV and music directly into your hearing aids, improve speech clarity in noisy environments, and connect to your telephone to hear the caller more clearly.

For example, simply plug a TV, radio, or MP3 player into the Surflink Media (above, top of the picture) and rich stereo sound is streamed directly to compatible hearing aids. The remote control (at bottom of photo) adjusts your hearing aids and allows you to stop and start the media streaming.

Using our devices, you will be able to experience more than just the latest hearing aid technology available today. You'll experience a complete system designed to make listening easy and enjoyable again. If you have questions about hearing loss, hearing aids, or any other audiology services, please ask your doctor for a referral or call us at 508-434-1435.

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