Sleep Medicine

Nearly half of all Americans have problems sleeping. If you find yourself exhausted, restless or have a spouse/partner who complains you snore or have difficulty breathing at night - it's time to get help. Let the Harrington Sleep Lab analyze and diagnose your sleep disorder, all with the clinical comfort and ease you expect from a Total Local Care facility.

The Sleep Lab at Harrington HealthCare at Hubbard treats adults and children with sleep disorders and provides professional staff and state-of-the-art equipment.

Our Amenities

Located within a quiet wing on the second floor of the Harrington HealthCare at Hubbard campus, you can relax in a comfortable room, equipped with private bath and flat screen television. Our trained technologists will guide you through your stay and monitor your sleep activity throughout the night.

No authorizations are needed for Harrington HealthCare employees or their family members who have the Harrington Advantage PPO plan.

In some cases, sleep tests can be performed at home, depending on your medical history.

Your sleep activity will be read and evaluated in a timely manner by Sleep Board Certified physicians from Mass Lung and Allergy, P.C

Patient Information and Contact

If your looking to see a Sleep Specialist you can call 508-949-8811 to schedule an appointment at our Webster campus. For more information, please call 508-949-8960.


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