Patient Feedback – FB

We are a regional healthcare system which employs 1,400 people and cares for 150,000 patients in our service area. It is our priority every day to offer safe, quality and compassionate care. We have been the provider in the area for over 85 years; we are committed to Southbridge and surrounding areas. We have a wonderful staff — individuals who are also your neighbors, colleagues, family members or friends.

We are not perfect; we acknowledge flaws can occur in our system. But we are working hard to always improve our customer service. We want to know about your great experiences and your not-so-great experience, and make the situation better, if possible, or at least correct any miscommunication. It is our job to provide you with the appropriate resources to resolve any concerns. We have always had a way for patients to contact our staff, but we acknowledge some of these processes need to be updated.

We encourage anyone who has had a negative or positive experience to reach out to us so we can respond appropriately. This form will go directly to the office of the President and CEO of the HealthCare System. Entries will be logged so they can be appropriately reviewed by Leadership, Management and Supervisors within Harrington.