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November 18, 2018
Parenting at the Holidays

Leer: Lidiando con el Estrés en los Días Festivos 

If you’ve talked to any parents during the holiday season, you’ve probably noticed some trends. This time of year, we’re all overwhelmed. Commitments seem endless, our kids are overwhelmed with excitement for the season, our calendars fill up and it’s all we can do to juggle everything. In fact, sometimes the most wonderful time of the year can start to feel like the most stressful time of the year—but it doesn’t have to!

Getting ahead of the holiday challenges and setting some basic expectations can be a huge help in managing the inevitable stress of the season. Here are some ways to set your family up for a happier holiday:

These tips can help your family find balance this season—but for some families, it can be more challenging than just juggling the excitement and normal stressors of the season. For families who have experienced a recent loss or separation, or who struggle with underlying behavioral health concerns, the holidays can be even more difficult. In these instances, it can help to seek out additional resources. If you find that you or your family members are struggling to manage your mood or emotions through the holidays, consider talking to a licensed mental health professional. A therapist can help your family work through bigger challenges you may be facing this season.

Katie Adams, LISCW, is the Director of Mental Health Services at Harrington HealthCare. She currently oversees lifespan mental health and therapy services in south central Massachusetts northeastern Connecticut. To learn more about Harrington’s Behavioral Health Department, please click here.