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Patient Navigator Program

Our Patient Navigator Program was put into place in 2015, following a multi-level transformative action plan. The program is funded by the Massachusetts Health Policy Commission and is aimed at expanding access to behavioral health services by removing barriers to care.

The program’s goal is to break the cycle of repeat patient visits in the Emergency Room by promoting continuity of care and establishing stability in the community. The now eight-member team has achieved two years of success, having integrated support services into the care plan of hundreds of individuals in the community.

The process begins when a social worker is alerted during the patient’s medical evaluation. They complete a clinical assessment, create an individualized care plan and assign a navigator to work with the patient. The plan often includes home visits and addresses issues like access to food or shelter, outpatient programs, recovery services, doctor’s appointments, long-term community supports, employment assistance and transportation.

The rapport established between the navigator and the patient is a key dynamic to the program’s success.

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