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August 3, 2016
Six Childhood-Inspired Workouts

There’s nothing better than being able to take your workout outside. Taking in great scenic landscapes while burning calories is a natural endurance booster. Besides the change in view, outdoor exercises can help you find and use muscle groups you might have forgotten about during your standby routine at the gym.

Yet some people get so wrapped up in their go-to schedule they forget how to have fun. So here are six childhood-inspired workouts to help you burn calories and forget that you’re actually doing exercise!:

Climb a tree: How long has it been since you’ve done this? There’s a reason it’s still a popular activity for kids. Climbing trees is an obvious one for shoulders, triceps, biceps, and core. Find your inner child and see how high up you can get!

Go to a playground: Monkey bars may look easy, but they’re actually challenging for many adults. A lot of playgrounds have sets that include multiple levels of stairs, balancing bridges, and plenty of opportunities for you to duck and crawl.

Start a game of leapfrog: Here’s a secret: Playing leapfrog is you doing sophisticated burpees.

Ride a bike: Sure, some adults do this with intensity, but just to get on a bike and stroll down a boardwalk or bike path burns calories and reminds you why it’s still one of the most popular childhood activities. Don’t forget your helmet!

Hula Hoop it up: Nothing says an ab workout like breaking out the hula hoop for 20-30 minutes.

Head for a trampoline: Reach new heights – literally – by taking your workout to a trampoline. Try to master basic gymnastics moves like star jumps, tuck jumps, and spins. Don’t have a trampoline? Buy a jump rope.