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Harrington Hospital
“[They] met with me in their office on their day off just to make sure I was okay!”

“[The] staff is so thorough, they let me ask any question I had in mind and they were very personable!”

When Katherine Chauvin (In photo; Right, second from bottom), of Dudley, experienced one of the most difficult challenges in her life, she was glad she came to Harrington.

Katherine had her first 3-D mammogram in April of 2017. Although tests came back normal, Katherine was concerned about a severe and “annoying” cough that just wouldn’t go away. Her primary care physician ordered a CT scan. The results showed a tumor in her right breast.

Katherine decided to take the next steps to fight her cancer by having chemotherapy which will then allow her to have reconstructive surgery. She came to Harrington Physician Services General Surgery practice and was more than pleased with the care she received.  Not only did the doctors walk Katherine through every step of the process, but they made her feel comfortable during a very difficult time for Katherine.

“Drs. (Colette) Whitby and (Arturo) Aguillion met with me in their office on their day off just to make sure I was okay,” she said. “I have to call weeks ahead just to schedule an appointment with my other doctors. It was so nice of them to go out of their way to meet with me.”

Katherine continues to come to Harrington and recommends the healthcare system to all her friends and family. We continue to wish Katherine a speedy recovery