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Harrington Hospital
“I not only tolerated my extended stay there, but sincerely enjoyed it!”

Dear Linda, Mary, Marilyn, Nicole, Cintia, Kim, Mao, Pattie and Christina,

Last Monday I spent over 12 hours in the Harrington ER, scared and in excruciating pain, relieved only by periodic shots of morphine, until I was finally admitted as in “inpatient” with a probable, but not definite diagnosis and the need for surgery. It was at the point that I received an unexpected gift – I was admitted to the pediatric unit on the fourth floor.

You see, I don’t tolerate being confined to restricted areas well at all, but because of your professional care, kindness, compassion and interesting conversations, I not only tolerated my extended stay there, but actually sincerely enjoyed it! You all were tremendous – so skilled and patient!

Upon my return home I saw a T-shirt in a catalog that read: “My super power is being a nurse. What’s yours?”  I immediately though of all of you and said, “Yup, they got that right!” You made all the difference in my hospital experience, and I will be forever grateful to you all!

With deepest appreciation,