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Harrington Success Stories

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The Cancer Center at Harrington

It takes a special person to do what they all do.

I hold The Cancer Center deep in my heart for their kindness. When I go for my visits now, they still remember me and always say hi.
The Cancer Center at Harrington

They don’t make you feel like a cancer patient, but just a person who they want to feel better.

Not Caving Into Cancer: Lisa Cave, a 5th grade Educational Assistant and a Sturbridge resident, wins her breast cancer battle with the help of the Harrington Cancer Center.
The Cancer Center at Harrington

If you’re unlucky enough to get cancer, be lucky enough to go to Harrington.

During what was the scariest and most difficult time in my life, every single staff member at the Cancer Center did what they could to make it the best situation possible.
Family Birthing Center, Harrington Hospital

They were always happy, gentle, smiling people—exactly who a mother wants taking care of her and her newborn baby.

Everyone that I have encountered over the past four years went above and beyond their role to make me comfortable during the births of my three children. They were always happy, gentle, smiling people—exactly who a mother wants taking care of her and her newborn baby. My husband, older children, and family members felt right at home while coming to visit me, as well.
Harrington HealthCare at Webster / Harrington Hospital

This could have been a different experience if your staff was not so proactive and attentive to detail.

My mother was recently a patient at your Emergency Room in Webster where she was then transferred the same day to Harrington for an emergency appendectomy. I don’t think she would have fared better at another facility.
Harrington Hospital

All procedures were performed to the highest standard that I have ever witnessed.

I want to commend your staff on my father’s recovery and hope your quality nurses continue their excellent work in caring for you patients.
Harrington HealthCare at Webster

“I didn’t want to get sick…but if I had to do it again, I would certainly do it here.”

David Majorowski has been Captain of Webster EMS for the past 10 years. But in April of 2015, instead of being the one to send people to the emergency department, roles were reversed, and Majorowski became the patient.
Harrington Hospital

Harrington Provides a Lifetime of Care

No one likes getting poked by strangers for routine tests, but a long-time Southbridge resident knows if she comes to Harrington for health care, she will find kindness and reassurance.

“You put her mind at ease with your expertise, your confidence, and your optimism.”

“I cannot think of one negative moment.”