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Are Women More Vulnerable for Alzheimer’s Disease?

Alzheimer’s disease is a big mystery, but the case base is made up of more than two-thirds of women. Women, then, it seems, are at the epicenter of the crisis.

According to the Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement, every 65 seconds someone in the United States develops Alzheimer’s. By the time you’ve finished reading this blog post, there will be another person with the diagnosis. Over 5.4 million Americans today are living with Alzheimer’s disease.

There is a misconception that individuals don’t need to start worrying about Alzheimer’s Disease until they’re pushing their 70s or their 80s. In fact, you may be surprised to learn that Alzheimer’s starts in the brain 20 to 30 years before the first symptom of memory loss occurs.

While it may be difficult to pinpoint when it could strike, taking active precautions and focusing on prevention can help.

Make sure you and your family members are eating plenty of omega-3 fats. These can be found in cold-water fish like salmon, tuna, trout, mackerel, seaweed, and sardines.

Exercising regularly, staying socially connected and eating a healthy diet (definitely avoid trans fats!) can also work as prevention against this disease.

Stimulating your brain can also be beneficial. Are you curious how you can get your neurons firing? Try learning a new language, play crossword puzzles when you’ve got downtime, and get good at Sudoku.

Sleep also matters. Do your best to try and get as much quality sleep as you can. Manage the stress within your own life and avoid using a deodorant that contains aluminum. Instead, opt for an aluminum-free option.

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