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Don’t Ignore Common Ovarian Cancer Signs

It is estimated that over 22,000 women will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer this year; it is the fifth-leading cause of cancer for women in the United States.

Many researchers have suggested the mortality rate of ovarian cancer patients is high because the warning signs aren’t always noticeable.

More and more articles are emerging that encourage women to know their family history: Immediate family members with ovarian cancer can significantly increase your risk.

Here are five symptoms that shouldn’t be overlooked:

• Pelvic or Abdominal Pain
• Bloating
• Extreme Fatigue
• Pain During Sex
• Belly Pain with Weight Loss/Weight Gain

While these and other symptoms may be subtle, is it highly recommended you seek medical advice – and sooner rather than later. It’s very likely these symptoms are caused by a non-cancerous, relatively innocent illness or diagnosis. But if they are potentially associated with ovarian cancer, the symptoms may be persistent and worsening and represent a change from your normal behavior or physical state.

There is no single test for ovarian cancer, which is why symptoms shouldn’t be ignored. Gynecology exams, imaging, consultations with specialists, genetic testing, biopsies and other non-invasive surgical procedures are all standard ways to help form a diagnosis.

Keeping a close eye on your own body and utilizing these effective tools is important to receiving an early diagnosis and the most flexible of treatment options.


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