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The Most Common Sleep Disorder for Women? Hands Down … Insomnia

For some, falling asleep at night can be no trouble at all. For others,they can’t seem to fall asleep to save their lives.

Both men and women need about 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night. Getting this long and restful kind of sleep can help contribute to a vibrant life. Sleep, certainly, is a crucial element. Women are known to sleep longer than men, but generally, when women are catching their Z’s, they will experience a lighter sleep and can be more easily disrupted.

The most common sleep disorder for women is insomnia. If you have ever experienced insomnia yourself, you know that staying asleep, the trouble falling asleep, waking up early, or not being able to go back to sleep once you’re awake can be extremely difficult.

  • Insomnia can be a result of certain problems within the endocrine system. While detecting an endocrine imbalance takes the expertise of an endocrinologist, finding exactly what could be keeping you up at night could be a blessing.
  • Keep in mind that during perimenopause, women can also have trouble in the evening falling fast asleep and staying that way.
  • Other common sleep disorders women experience are sleep-disordered breathing, restless leg syndrome, periodic limb movement disorder and narcolepsy.

If you are having difficulty sleeping, contact your primary care doctor to determine if a sleep test will help you get back to counting sheep again.

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