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Keeping Your Heart Health in Check

Heart attacks and heart disease may be topics on everyone’s lips this year. Start by taking care of your ticker. When you take care of your heart, you’re taking care of yourself.

Follow these easy tips and not only transform your life but slash your risk for a heart attack or heart disease in the future.

Make sure that you are going to see your doctor at least once a year. If you can’t remember when you last made an appointment, go ahead and pick up the phone and see when your primary care doctor is free. If you’re someone who is likely to forget, set a birthday appointment. Each year that you grow up, also make plans to get in touch with your doctor.

Keep moving. To keep your heart in good shape, you have to give it a chance to workout. Step. March. Jog. Walk the dog. Swim in the gym’s pool. If you like watching television, try to step side to side or do a round of sit-ups during commercial breaks.

Drink water. Water is crucial in regulating the blood volume in your body. Staying hydrated, then, is especially important when you want to keep your heart happy! Dehydration can increase blood viscosity, which means that your blood volume and blood pressure drop, causing our hearts to work even harder.

Work to keep your cholesterol under control. If you need assistance with what you should or shouldn’t eat, try teaming up with a nutritionist who can give you some easy-to-follow pointers and meal plans.

Stay positive, quit smoking, and do your best to eliminate any unnecessary salt from your diet.

Cheers to a heart-healthy you!

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