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What Kind of Exercise is Safe While Pregnant?

There are many benefits of exercising during pregnancy. Regular exercise can lift your spirits and prepare your body for labor. However, it is very important to be extra cautious while working out. Whether you’re a regular at the game or wanting to start a healthy workout routine during pregnancy, the first step for all pregnant women wanting to exercise is to discuss your routine with your healthcare provider. Below are few simple rules you can follow after checking with your provider.

Balance your Diet with your Workout Routine

Exercising burns calories, so it is essential to eat well to nourish and strengthen your body. Women need to gain a healthy amount of weight during pregnancy so caloric intake needs to be appropriate to maintain a healthy weight gain. Drink water before, during and after exercising to avoid dehydration that could potentially lead to risks that can trigger contractions or reduce the amount of blood reaching the placenta.

Always Stretch

A brisk warm-up will prepare your muscles and joints for exercise. It will also slowly increase your heart rate. Before and after your work out, stretching is essential. Stretching will improve your flexibility and prevent soreness.

What Types of Exercise are Most Safe?

Most exercises are safe during pregnancy if done with caution. The safest exercises are those that are considered low-impact, such as swimming, walking, stationary cycling, stair or elliptical machines, and aerobics. Activities like this pose little risk of injury and benefit your entire body. Other activities such as jogging and some weight lifting can be done in moderation, especially if they were performed prior to pregnancy.

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