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Volunteer Services

Want to get involved in your community? Stay active? Meet new people? Explore career opportunities? Help others?

If so, we invite you to join the team of volunteers at Harrington HealthCare System and discover the many benefits you will derive. You’ll gain personal satisfaction and experience, expand your social network, and receive recognition for your efforts. Being a volunteer is much more than donating a little of your time. Volunteers make connections and active partners in what makes a healthcare system a success.

We try to match your interests and skills, offering you a wide range of placement opportunities that include:

  • Auxiliary member
  • Environmental services
  • Special projects
  • Pastoral outreach
  • Gift Shop
  • Occupational & physical therapy
  • Mail delivery
  • Office assistance
  • Patient Pals
  • Transport services
  • Dietary department
  • Silver knitters/sewing & crafters committees

Special volunteer opportunities are also available at Harrington’s Cancer Center. Also note that Harrington is one of the few hospitals in the country with a volunteer management team running the Gift Shop.

To make you feel comfortable and competent, we provide training in all areas. If you are interested in volunteering at Harrington or any of our affiliated campuses, please fill out an application form. Tuberculosis tests are required.

In addition to the above volunteer opportunities, we also offer internships. These positions are for students majoring in Secondary Education, Nonprofit Management, Social Services, or Recreation. For students in similar fields of study, we can help create an internship if possible. All internships are flexible but require one to two shifts per week for a total of four of more hours.

Magazine Donations

Magazines for our book cart for patients are not purchased. We survive on the generous donations of our community members and staff. We encourage our neighbors and friends to consider ordering magazine subscriptions for Harrington HealthCare. Also, if you have recently purchased magazines at home you have finished reading, we encourage you to drop them off at Harrington for our patients and their families. Do you have airline frequent flyer miles you are going to lose? When the airline offers you magazine subscription for points, please consider ordering them for the hospital’s magazine cart. Most airlines give you the option to list a different shipping address on their web site. If you are so generous to do so, use the following address: Volunteer Services,  Harrington Hospital, 100 South Street, Southbridge, MA 01550. This is the link to the company that works with the majority of airlines; you just need your frequent flyer number:

For more information about any volunteer program or internship position, please call Laura Dilts, Director of Volunteer and Transport Services, at 508-765-9771, ext. 6471, or email


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