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May 12, 2019
Celebrating Our Own this Hospital Week

As we head into May and celebrate National Hospital Week, we should all be reminded of what we have accomplished over the past year and reflect on the importance of community healthcare systems like ours:

• We employ over 1,400 individuals who work at any one of our 25+ locations;

• Our staff includes over 250 RNs and 200 physicians (including active, courtesy and consulting).

In the past 12 months, we have:

• Completed more than 38,000 radiology tests and over 689,000 laboratory tests;

• Performed over 7,200 surgical cases, including adult and pediatric, ambulatory and acute;

• Accommodated significant growth in our Physical and Occupational Therapy
Department, logging more than 143,000 visits in Webster, Southbridge and Charlton.

Our urgent care clinics, one of the fastest-growing trends in healthcare, has treated more than 26,500 cases in Charlton and Oxford, while our Emergency Departments in Webster and Southbridge have treated over 41,000 visits in the past year;

Even with these and other impressive statistics, we still experience financial pressure, staffing challenges and limited resources, just like any other hospital. It could be what makes a healthcare system fall apart — but
in the case of Harrington, I see our staff not just rise to each challenge, but soar above and beyond.

Our resilience is a unique trait I believe is best served by a community hospital. I am proud of all of our employees and medical staff for focusing on the most important mission of our healthcare system: the patient. Thank you for what you do and Happy Hospital Week!

Ed Moore
President and CEO