Sleep Medicine and Sleep Disorders

Eighteen to 20 million Americans have a sleep disorder.

Let the Harrington Sleep Lab analyze and diagnose your sleep disorder(s), all with the clinical comfort and ease you expect from an advanced medical center close to where you work and live.

Located within a private first-floor corner of our Harrington HealthCare at Webster campus, we diagnose adults and children with sleep disorders while providing professional staff and state-of-the-art equipment.

How We Can Help

Our Sleep Clinic is the most technologically-advanced in the region. Our equipment can pick up on even the most subtle changes in breathing, eye movement, or muscle movement. Our high-resolution cameras watch your reflexes and sleep activity to help diagnose what is really causing our sleep disorder or condition.

We commonly see patients for:
• Sleep Apnea
• Restless Leg Syndome
• Excessive Daytime Sleepiness
• Snoring
… among other complaints.


You will relax in a comfortable room, with a flat screen television. Our trained technologists will guide you through your stay and monitor your sleep activity throughout the night.

We also offer At-Home Sleep Tests. Our technologists will meet with you and explain how to use the equipment. Then, you can take it home, wear it to bed, and return the device(s) the following day. While the at-home model cannot diagnose all sleep disorders and conditions, many find it an easy and convenient alternative.

Anyone who has a sleep test at Harrington or uses our at-home test will have their sleep activity read and evaluated in a timely manner by board-certified physicians and sleep experts from Mass Lung and Allergy, P.C. MLA also offers outpatient follow-up appointments and consultations at our Webster and 10 N. Main Street Charlton HPS locations.

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