Harrington HealthCare at Webster
A textbook example of best practices for patient care

I am writing to inform you of the stellar patient care my son, Jacob Damelio, received at the emergency room at Harrington HealthCare at Webster.

My son dislocated his shoulder playing tennis, and I rushed him to your facility.  The security and check-in staff moved as quickly as possible to get him admitted and comfortable.

I cannot thank PA Molly Hughes, Dr. Coan and RN Amanda White enough for their professionalism and sincere compassion in treating Jake.  They worked as a seamless team to ensure I was informed of every step and that he was comfortable and confident in the outcome. What made their care exemplary was their compassion for Jake. Their warm, upbeat personalities had Jake smiling and forgetting his pain. This was especially appreciated when they had to reinsert his shoulder into the socket. One massaged his traps, one engaged him in a conversation and one gently manipulated his arm back into the proper position.

Afterward, they provided him with snacks and soda and obliged his request to see the X-rays.  They were kind enough to show him the before and after pics, which he thought was so cool.  Mrs. White wheeled him to my car and helped him get in and gently fasten his seat belt.

In the end, Jake said he would kind of miss the “Presidential Suite” at Harrington.

In current times when so much of health care seems overly focused on profitability metrics and under-focused on the patient experience, this visit was a refreshing surprise.  Indeed, it could serve as a textbook example of best practices for patient care.

Please be sure to thank this amazing team on behalf of Jake, and please give them kudos at your next staff meeting. In short, keep doing what you’re doing and always let your caring staff know that they are noticed and appreciated.

-Frank Damelio

UMass Memorial Healthcare


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