Emergency Care Center at Harrington HealthCare at Webster
They were so competent and compassionate.

Cheri MacKinney and Jim Winslow, (former) publishers of the Smart Shopper advertising publication in Webster, say they “feel very fortunate” to have Harrington HealthCare at Hubbard in their community.

When Cheri cut her face deeply in two places after walking into a plank on the back of a parked truck, she went to the Emergency Care Center at Harrington HealthCare at Hubbard in Webster.

As she and Jim were walking into the Emergency Room, a doctor took a quick look at her, escorted her into a waiting room, registered her, and in no time began work on treating her cuts.

“If you saw what I looked like when I went in compared to today, no one can believe I had stitches,” Cheri said, one week after her visit. The physician, Dr. Brian D’Angona, treated her and used very small stitches on the two cuts on her face, in the manner in which a plastic surgeon would operate in order to minimize the scarring.

“They were so competent and compassionate, and the Doc [sic] was fabulous with me. Thank you to the medical team in the ER for treating me so well and thank you for being an integral part of our community,” Cheri wrote in a recent edition of the Smart Shopper.

The week before Cheri’s accident, Jim went to Harrington HealthCare at Webster for a routine procedure “and all he could talk about was how competent and nice everyone from the registrar to the nursing staff was,” Cheri wrote in another edition of the Smart Shopper. “He was very impressed with the service and kindness he experienced.”

Said Jim, “The thing that impressed me was they were on time, they were very attentive, and they explained everything that was going to happen during the procedure. They couldn’t have been better. And the nurse called the day after to see how I was doing.  She went over the findings with me, once again.”

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