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I’m in the service business, so I know good service.

Mike Moran of Framingham discovered Harrington HealthCare System because he wanted to track down an orthopedic surgeon who had done a wonderful job fixing his ankle in 2009.

The surgeon, Young-Ho Oh, had since joined Harrington Physician Services, working out of 94 South on the Harrington Hospital campus in Southbridge.

“When I decided something was bothering me, I searched for Dr. Oh knowing he was no longer in the Framingham area,” Moran said. “I thought it was worth at least a trip to go see him.”

The trip was almost 50 miles from Framingham to Harrington, but to Moran, it was worth it. He describes everything he encountered at Harrington — from the reception he got at the registration desk, to the service from the staff, to the follow-up work from Dr. Oh — as “an absolutely pleasant experience.”

“I didnt know what to expect from a hospital out in Southbridge,” he said. “Without a map, I wouldnt have gotten here in the first place.”

“Once I got here, people noticed immediately that I was lost walking down the hall, and they came to help me. Everyone was pleasant and treated me promptly and efficiently,” he said.

Dr. Oh determined that Moran should have the plate and screws removed from the ankle he operated on in 2009.

The operation, at Harrington, went without a hitch. It was scheduled for 7 a.m., and by 7:02, Moran was being attended to by nurses, seen by anesthesiologists, and operated on by Dr. Oh.

“Dr. Oh and all the staff were so good,” he said. “Im in the service business, so I know good service.”

“Ive had a great experience here,” he said. “I’m from Framingham, grew up in Ashland, and came back to Framingham. It might be a fair distance from Framingham, but if it has anything to do with bones, I highly recommend Harrington.”

Do you have an upcoming appointment? CALL FIRST

If you have an upcoming appointment at any Harrington HealthCare System facility and have the following symptoms, fever, or cough, please call your doctor prior to arriving to your appointment.

Our top priority is to protect you, our patients, communities, and healthcare workers.

Current Visitor Policy

For the health and safety of our patients and employees, the following policy is in effect as of Monday, March 30

There will be NO visitors allowed in any inpatient or outpatient services (this includes the Emergency Department, Harrington Physician Services offices, and all other Harrington HealthCare Facilities)

Please note that the Main Lobby at Harrington Hospital in Southbridge will be closed at 7pm. All patients who need to enter the hospital after that time should come in through the ED.

The implementation of this policy is in an effort to limit the spread of potential illnesses that could be harmful to you, our patients, community, and staff. Thank you for your cooperation.

TELEHEALTH Appointments Now Available

To protect your health during the COVID-19 pandemic, certain appointments may now be conducted via TELEHEALTH, a service that allows you to see your doctor from home via a phone call or via a video conference call using your smartphone or computer.

If you are interested in scheduling a TELEHEALTH appointment, please let our office know when you call to make your appointment. We will do our best to accommodate your request if TELEHEALTH is appropriate for the type of care you need.