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Harrington Physician Services - Diabetes Management
Success in Simplified Diabetes Management

Gail Embair was diagnosed with diabetes more than 10 years ago. But her recent struggle to manage the illness was becoming frustrating.

“I was on five shots and up to 350 units per day. But my sugar still wasn’t maintained,” she said.

After consulting with her primary care doctor, Gail began meeting with Dr. David Erani, Harrington Physician Services Endocrinologist, and Pat Bak, the diabetic educator at the same Sturbridge office. Pat quickly recommended Gail try an insulin pump.

“When I met with Gail, I saw her frustration,” Pat said. “She was doing everything that was asked of her, but her glucose numbers were still high. So I discussed insulin pump therapy with her and she agreed to try it.

Gail added, “The pump would cut the insulin in half and I could manage it better.”

Gail has been on a diabetic pump for about five months, but said it only took days to see and feel the difference.

“Oh, it was almost instant,” she recalls. “Pat was fantastic. She really educated me on how everything worked. With the pump it’s so easy. I hook it up and don’t need to change it for two days. And I use less than half the insulin than before.”

Gail said it’s important to do your homework online.

“They give you a lot of reading material to look up, and it really helps. If you prepare yourself, the pump really isn’t as difficult as it looks.”

Thanks to the help of Pat and Dr. Erani, Gail said she is able to easily check her sugars and count her carbs each day.

“I was always worried I would put too many carbs in. But [when Pat showed me], the pump doesn’t let you take too much. It’s really not that hard,” Gail said.

Gail still sees Pat and Dr. Erani every four or five months for routine check-ups.

“The office is fantastic. Everyone is friendly. It’s a good atmosphere. And my confidence is so much greater in managing my diabetes,” she said.