Hospital Outpatient Site Billing Notice

This notice will provide you with information about paying for your care.

Hospital Outpatient Sites

UMass Memorial Health – Harrington provides services at a number of hospital outpatient sites. Hospital outpatient sites work closely with the main hospital in Southbridge, MA to improve the quality, convenience and coordination of your care.

If you are seen at a hospital outpatient site, you may receive two bills – one from Harrington Hospital, and one from the doctor (UMass Memorial Medical Group or other providers).

The Harrington hospital bill includes charges that cover the costs of running the site and tests that you may need. You may need to pay copayments, coinsurance or deductibles set by your health plan for hospital charges. The doctor’s bill covers the charges for your doctor’s services.

Depending on your insurance, you may need to pay more at Harrington hospital outpatient site than at a doctor’s office. For many insurance plans there will be no difference in what you pay.

Financial Help and Estimated Charges for Your Care

If you need financial help or want an estimate of what you will need to pay, you may contact UMass Memorial Health – Harrington Financial Services at 508-334-9300.

Consumer Protections for Medical Costs

Beginning January 1, 2022, new regulations take effect giving patients more protections regarding certain medical costs. Learn more about these surprise billing and balance billing protections.

Other UMass Memorial Sites

Depending on the care you need, there may be other UMass Memorial sites where you can get your care. If you want to know more about other sites, please call 855-UMASS-MD  (855-862-7763).

The Interpreter Services team is available to assist in the language you prefer to receive this information.

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