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Podiatric (Foot and Ankle) Surgery

Your feet are perhaps two of the most important parts of your body! They support your entire self, and ensure you can work, play, be active and be mobile.

PODCAST: Listen to Dr. Richard Manolian discuss common foot disorders

Acute and chronic foot conditions can cause discomfort, pain and inconvenience. At Harrington, our customized treatments range from conservative to more involved procedures, including rest/elevation, casts and splints, shoe inserts, anti-inflammatory medications, cortisone injections or surgery.

Dr. Richard Manolian and Dr. Sarah Daigle are board certified in foot and ankle surgery and can treat a variety of foot conditions including neuroma and fractures.

Other routine foot ailments and injuries that might warrant a consultation or treatment plan include:

• Arch Pain/Fasciitis
• Bunions/Bone Spurs
• Corns/Callouses
• Degenerative Joint Disease
• Diabetic Foot Care
• Digital, Metatarsal and Avulsion Fractures
• Ganglions
• Fungal Nails
• Heel Spurs
• Hammertoes
• Ingrown Nails
• Neuroma or Pinched Nerve
• Peripheral vascular disease (PVD)
• Rheumatoid Foot Conditions
• Sports Injuries
• Ulcers (diabetic or vascular)s

Our patients benefit from our advanced diagnostic imaging services to help diagnose and treat their foot wounds or diseases, including MRI scans and interventional radiology.

Wound Care

Dr. Georgios Poniros is a board-certified panel physician at The Wound Care Center at Harrington. With appointments offered on-site in our Charlton medical office building, Dr. Poniros provides a range of services for those with chronic, non-healing wounds, including dressings, debridement, special shoe fitting and selection, and patient education.

Referrals for any podiatry services are required. Please talk to your primary care or specialist.